6 Cheap Hacks for Beginner Motorcyclists

6 Cheap Hacks for Beginner Motorcyclists

Motorcycles are very enjoyable, but if you are not careful about how much money you actually invest on them, it will run out very quickly, because it is not a cheap hobby to have. The cost of it does not go away when you pay in full your machine. A lot of other factors play a big part on expanding the amount of money you need to spend on riding, such as insurance, gear, maintenance, training courses… So here are 7 hacks to keep your bank account as healthy as possible:

1Take Care of Your Toys

Massive expenses on your bike can be avoided with regular maintenance. Most motorcycles are fairly easy to work on. With a standard 90$ per hour fee of a motorcycle workshop, spending some hours in learning the basic maintenance maneuvers and procedures looking through the Internet will save you big sums of money. If you take something apart, just take pictures of the whole process and keep any screws or smalls pieces.

2Know When to Leave it to the Professionals

An oil replacement or a battery replacement are simple tasks and you should take care of them without hesitating as long as you have the proper tools. If, on the other hand, you need something more advanced like a complete kit replacement, you should leave it to a professional. You might save some money at first, but if you don’t let a professional to take care of hard stuff, it will cost you more on the long term.

3Get Used Specialized Gear

This specific gear is weather related, not something to wear every day. Things like rain suits, heated gear, knee pads and reflective materials. All of these are non consumable items, so even if they are used or kind of broken, as long as they are able to develop their job properly, it is completely fine.

4Buy a Cheaper Helmet, Not a Used One

There are great range and availability of helmets in the market and their price is affordable on its most basic levels, even though there are some carbon-fiber ones that can cost about four thousand dollars. The price is not something important to take into consideration while picking a helmet. If you are paying over 200$ for any helmet, you are paying for additional features that have nothing to do with the number one goal of a helmet: security. Apart from that, it is also strongly advised not to buy a used helmet. This kind of gear is good for a single crash. Once a helmet has gone through an impact, its security properties are no longer there.

5Check out Craigslist For Your Next Ride

Even though some of its content might not be ideal, you can find some sweet deals if you look carefully here. Skill or expertise level do not matter, you are bound to find something for you if you regularly check Craigslist. Also, a little tip: due to seasonal changes, prices are higher in spring and early in fall.

6Order Your Tires Online and Replace Them Yourself

Tires can be found as low as 40$ a piece, so this is a great option if you are on a budget. Not only that, but the charge for a tire installation is in between 40$ and 75$, so the price of the few tools and the time you will spend learning how to do this will be much beneficial on the long run.


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