7 Habits You Must Develop as a New Motorcyclist

7 Habits You Must Develop as a New Motorcyclist

1Not sitting in the middle of intersections

Due to different maneuvers that are allowed to cars in many states while turning through an intersection, not waiting in the middle of intersections is something much recommended. It’s much preferable to wait for the green arrow or to just hang back at the line of the turning line, then proceeding. It’s very typical to see people hanging in these spots, looking for a little gap to go through. To ride a motorcycle, someone has to adopt a defensive attitude and avoid risk at all costs, and this habit is a big part of it.

2Riding as if invisible

This habit is based on the idea that no one can see you. You must always assume that people can’t see where you are riding, so your riding style will be much more protective and careless. It might be difficult to someone coming from driving cars to understand this, but it is all very simple. Motorcycles are just less common to find on the road and the regular driver is not ready to keep attention towards them all the time.

3Dragging your brake in slow tight turns

Since motorcycles are unavoidably unstable when going at slow speeds, if you slightly drag you rear brake you will be able to earn a considerable amount of stability with your bike. It is kind of difficult to scientifically explain how this works, so just count on us.

4Keeping to the right or left or your lane

Due to the fact that motorcycles are much smaller than cars or other road vehicles, motorcyclists always try to stay at the left or the right of the given lane, and you should do the same. The main reason for it is that staying on the sides allows the bikes to have more traction and avoid the center parts of the road that are simply just more worn off than the side ones. That’s not the only reason though, it has some other advantages like allowing the rider to have an even better perspective of the road and avoid things that no one wants to ride over, like oil puddles.

5A smooth and well-applied throttle

Riding smoothly is all about throttle control. It affects everything in your motorcycle. The key is to treat the throttle with a light grip. You must grip it similarly to a screwdriver, you crack it open and keep it open as you make the turns and then you open it up as you stand up the motorcycle. This is almost a science on itself, so you definitely need to work on it and do proper research.

6Keeping an eye back

You should always be aware of what is going on behind you. This does not mean that you have to be obsessed over it, but on the long term it will help you a lot to pay some attention through your side mirrors every now and then.

7Learning to not waddle

Waddling is not right. It is not cool. Take up your feet. It is right to drop one foot down when you come to a stop. The balls of your feet should always be on the pegs.


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