9 Dirt Bike Riders You Will Meet

9 Dirt Bike Riders You Will Meet

1Wanna-be Motocross Bro:

This rider can be seen with the latest and most expensive gear, with the proper bling on his new motorcycle and trying to mimic Ricky Carmichael or any other Motocross superstar. These people might literally believe that with the appropriate gear and graphics they are able to do anything they want.

2Actual Motocross Bro:

This is the legitimate, professional racer who attempts crazy jumps and spends his life trying to dignify his craft. This bro also is the first to finish up and hang up at the pit party with any weirdos that might be over the place. By the way, don’t you dare to compare Motocross to Supercross in front of them.

3Non-KTM Guys:

These people brag proudly of not buying KTMs. They typically buy bikes like the CRF-450 R just for the sake of not buying a similar bike from the other infamous brand. Not only that, but they probably do not have enough money to buy one.

4KTM Guys:

For them, KTM is the best brand, makes the best quality, better-looking motorcycles in the market and you are just stupid for not copping one. A typical question is ‘’what does that bike of yours do that a KTM can’t do?’’. If you are looking for a European snob rider who could not be less used to road riding.

5Redneck FMX Bro:

After good searching in Craigslist, you have been able to find an awesome dirtbike, but when you go pick it up, it is just not as promised, not even close. With cut fenders and flip levers, it’s not a top notch bike. This is the case of a Redneck FMX Bro. These people might not be the bravest of all motorcyclists, but they will be able to build a filthy bike to score some wheelies in the yard of their parent’s basement.

6ADV Bros:

These are the kind of guys who have clearly past their prime and they are willing to take the greatest adventure of their life with +30.000$ dual sports motorcycle. I guess anybody would do the same if we had the same kind of money these people must have.

7Family Trail Riding Dude:

With old parents, a wife and multiple kids at home, after a long week of hard work, there is nothing like going trailing with your fellows on Sunday morning. These weekend heroes can be found in all kinds of styles, whatever they can afford and whatever his permission from his family is to buy a bike. Also, there is nothing to close a good day of trailing for them like having some beers with the rest of your crew.

8Beer Drinking Bench Racer:

The people who wake up with a nice hangover to start the day properly and they just seem not to be able to take care of a motorcycle. You might potentially find them wearing mismatching gear and drunk, but most likely having a good one.

9The Flashbacker:

To conclude, we have the old dudes, the retro, flashback riders who keep wearing the same old-school, useless pieces of gear because they are way too concerned about safety.

BONUS TYPE: Supermoto Bro Who Just Wants to Ride Dirt: Using improper tires, like street one when planning to go trail riding due to their stupid beliefs.


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