Beginners Can Start on a 600cc Motorcycle? Check Our Tips!

Beginners Can Start on a 600cc Motorcycle? Check Our Tips!

When it comes to your first bike, it seems like there is a huge bunch of bikes to pick. One of the main discussions is the traditional 300cc vs. 600cc argument. Let’s break it down in different points:

1What are these bikes designed for?

It is important to understand that motorcycles are purpose-built. Manufacturers have different things in mind when they make one particular bike or another, but we have to take into consideration that the ultimate goal of the manufacturing business is just profit. All 300ccs are priced in between 5500$ and 5800$. Their general purpose is more towards the non-expert rider, with more budget components and fewer feats.

On the other hand, the 600ccs class, with a considerably more expensive price, is designed for other less regular tasks and more oriented towards specific and experimented riders. They can be used with utilitarian purposes, but they are great machines with power and structure to ride a race on them. They are just ultra fast vehicles. 300ccs are more practical for the road rider.


Ergonomics, regarding motorcycles, means the combination of seat height, peg placement and reach to the bar that defines how comfortable or uncomfortable the setup of a bike is. It is basically how they actually feel to sit on. It makes much difference to maneuver and ride on bikes with a comfortable and easily reachable package like 300ccs have, ideal to spend the day riding on the road.

Looking at the 600ccs, we can see the standard package these bikes have is much more aggressive, with taller seat heights and designs for acquiring the greatest speed.

3Power and power delivery

This is where the most remarkable differences come out. 300ccs make on average about 40 horsepower while 600ccs make about 115 horsepower, but that’s not the only important thing. It also matters to know how that power is made. The power 300ccs generate is made in a smooth and constant line, so it’s very ‘’amateur friendly’’ and controllable.

On the other hand, the power create by 600ccs is just too much and made in a very aggressive way, so if you are not an experienced rider you will most likely find yourself in trouble trying to control these bikes, which are absolute animals. Not only that, but the power peak of a 600cc is pretty much inappropriate for a beginner.

4Brakes and suspension

The components discussion in bike comparisons is sometimes highly overlooked and it’s very important. 600ccs have a much better stopping power than 300ccs have and their suspension is just too much for road riding.

5How displacement is not be-all and end-all

Not all the 300ccs are made equal neither are 600ccs. You can’t judge bikes by their looks. Sometimes it is very easy to fall into this temptation and expect something out of a motorcycle which is not the reality. Motorcycles are designed for specific tasks, and they will perform differently depending on the applications you use them for.


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