Motorcycle Garage: Build Your Own Man Cave

Motorcycle Garage: Build Your Own Man Cave

Motorcyclists need an exclusive space to hang out in their homes and to play with their motorcycles. Because Tuned Trends understands there’s an environment for every biker that makes him feel fulfilled, we wrote this gold piece of content article to offer amazing ideas for the ultimate Motorcycle Garage.

If you own your own motorcycle and you have a deep relationship with it, for example, I do, then you should make a motorcycle garage for yourself. This is really vital and let me tell you why.

Why Build a Motorcycle Garage, aka Man Cave?

If you really value your machine and take good care of it in every way possible, then it is a no-brainer to build a garage for it. Building a garage has many fold benefits.

First, your motorcycle remains safe from any kind of threat like getting stolen.

Moreover, it is not a good idea to leave your beloved motorcycle on the street and let it endure every weather possible from bright sunshine to hail to snow and rain. This takes a toll on the health of your motorcycle as well as the exteriors and the paint job on it.

You do not want unnecessary expenses where your money can be well spent in taking care of the health of your machine. So, it makes sense. Moreover, the best reason to own a motorcycle garage is that you can convert it into a man-cave.

“What kind of reason is that?” you may ask. So, let me elaborate. We ride motorcycles because it gives us a sense of freedom and a sense of being and knowing who you are underneath.

You can be yourself when you ride and there is nobody to judge you for that. You feel at peace and so comfortable with yourself, which is a rare feeling in today’s times. This same effect can be achieved by owning a motorcycle garage. This will be a place that reflects your passion to ride and where you store your own motorcycle, the machine of freedom. You can make this garage your man cave.

When you enter your garage you are instantly disconnected from the outside world and its whims and nuances. It is a safe haven for you. It matches your personality and reflects who you are underneath. Whenever you have a rough day, you can come down here, sit on your couch, drink a beer and relax. Even a moment of relaxation is precious. If you want to spend some alone time, you can come here. If you want to be creative you can hop onto your man cave.

There is no one stopping you and this place is yours, you own it and it reflects you. This place has a relationship with you, a bond which helps you to feel more alive, to feel good. What else do we want in our lives? A little freedom and a little peace. This is your own cave.

There is no one stopping you and this place is yours, you own it and it reflects you. This place has a relationship with you, a bond which helps you to feel more alive, to feel good. What else do we want in our lives? A little freedom and a little peace. This is your own cave.

Build your own motorcycle garage

If I have inspired you in any way to build your own motorcycle garage, your own man cave, but you don’t know where to start, I am here to help you. I will give you some tips to get started with your motorcycle garage and how to customize it.

Before starting out

Before start building your motorcycle garage, you should have some things, spaces, etc.

What do you need?

Choose a theme

You should choose a theme which you like a lot and you should proceed with everything according to it which suits the theme.

You can choose a rustic ambiance, a modern, industrial one or a minimalistic one.

Motorcycle Garage Inspired in an Industrial Design
A simple rustic motorcycle garage
A minimalistic motorcycle garage inspired in mechanic

The list goes on but you should choose one which appeals to you the most, which calms you and you feel a lot more yourself when you are there.

Tools Collection

You need tools for you motorcycle garage…

Chemical Cabinet

Chemicals are important as hand tools, and every skilled mechanic must have to make the magic happen. Maybe you are not a skilled mechanic but you have chemicals. So that’s the only important thing.

Since the cabinet doors make great surfaces for displaying those decals you accumulate, they naturally get covered with them.

Brake oils, electrical contact cleaner, chain lubes, polishes and waxes, paint sprays.


You should strip down the plain old simple walls in your garage and get something better. You can get wooden planks nailed to the wall to give it a more rustic feeling or paint it in dark colors to make it seem futuristic or just leave it by exposing the bricks and mortar which is an evergreen look. The thing is you should be satisfied with your ambiance.


Lighting is the most useful tool to enhance the atmosphere of a place. You should install bright lights on the ceilings which can be used when you have a repairing to do on your motorcycle, but it would be preferable to install ambient lightings. Small corner lamps, wall lamps, and rice lights can enhance the ambiance of your man cave.


You should also hang various posters of thing that appeal you. For example, I am a movie buff, so I like collecting movie posters. You should also look for various neon-lit signs available in the market. According to me, neon enhances everything.

Technical Library

If you are the kind of person that do it by yourself, you must have a place to store mechanical books, motorcycle manuals, reference guides, etc.


You would need at least a sofa, a coffee table, and a work table to get things going. Since this will be your own cave, you expect to hang out here leisurely and also spend your time working here. You should put up furniture which would cater to all your needs.

The item of attraction should be your beast of a machine, your motorcycle, which ideally should be centered and most emphasis should be put on it. You can hang a light over it and dock the motorcycle on stands, so it is the main attraction of your garage where it can be viewed from any part of the room.

Motorcycle Accessories

Lastly, but not less important, you should separate a space to place your motorcycle accessories, as suit, helmet, gloves and boots

I know there are a lot of components but building your own man cave is a worthwhile task. When you come back from a great ride and you enter your motorcycle garage, it should feel like home and working towards making your garage feel like home is definitely worthwhile.

More Motorcycle Garage Ideas

Rustic visual with emphasis in the motorcycle


Riding is a joy not everyone gets to feel. Owning a motorcycle and treating it like a friend who is there for you and has your back at every step of the way is a great feeling. Riding a motorcycle can take things out of your mind and give you a fresh perspective. This same feeling should be brought out from your motorcycle garage. A safe place which is detached from the rest of the world where you can go and relax.

You should leave your stress and frustrations outside the door and when you enter your man cave there is nothing but living in the present and forgetting your problems. It gives you a fresh new perspective on things which you could not see before.

This should be the target of creating a garage as your man cave, where man and machine live in harmony, where there is only creativity and freedom in the air.

  • A room which reflects your personality and your passion, which screams for the best part you are made of and instills a desire to grow.
  • A room which you can call your own, which has your back, every time.
  • A room where you don’t need to feign and you can strip yourself down to what you are made of and be yourself, escaping the judgment of the world and feel peaceful inside and outside.
  • Your room, your own motorcycle garage, your own man cave.


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