Motorcycle Riding Health Benefits

Motorcycle Riding Health Benefits

Have you ever heard about the phrase “Relaxing Your Mind is the Key to Have a Better Health”? If you haven’t you are clearly missing out on a significant way to become healthier along with enjoying your life. Often we hear about the dangers of riding a motorcycle but the motorcycle riding health benefits are seldom spoken of. For the most part, it is quite safe to ride a bike if you are taking care of all the precautions like wearing a helmet and other body protection gear. Riding a bike requires you to be aware of your surroundings and make quick decisions based on the changing circumstances which actually stimulates your brain to work in a better way. Today we will talk about all the health benefits you can gain by simply having a ride on your motorcycle.

Better Cognitive Function

Riding a motorcycle requires a higher level of alertness and quick problem-solving skills as the circumstances are changing rapidly and you’ve got to make quick decisions. It is quite helpful in improving your cognitive function and according to research done by Ryuta Kawashima, the chances are that you can improve it by 50% if you are a regular rider.

Better Core Strength

One of the motorcycles riding health benefits includes better core strength as each maneuver you make involves your core. You would remember feeling tired and experiencing pain in your neck and muscles after your first ride which clearly explains the workout you get while riding. Although the movements may seem small they do have a huge impact on your core and with time you are able to overcome the pain even in your neck and muscles.

Strong Thighs

During the ride, the rider needs to move around on the bike while gripping it with the help of thighs and knees. These continuous movements make your thighs stronger and as the thighs strengthen they create a positive impact on your knees too. You go through a proper exercise while riding a motorcycle and as the muscles in your thighs are responsible for keeping the patella in the knee in place it is quite a useful physical therapy. As the movements are of low-intensity people recovering from knee injuries can also make use of this exercise while a healthy person can keep his/her thighs and knees healthy repeating the process every now and then.

Improvement in Mental Health

Have you ever felt the sudden change in your mood while you are going down a road feeling a breeze? That’s because you can feel the adrenaline rushing in your veins due to the release of endorphins in your body. The release of endorphins help you out in improving your mood and it also reduces the stress levels. You are able to feel the breeze and enjoy the scenery making it possible for you to clear out your mind while you are cruising down a road on your motorcycle.

Strengthen Your Neck

Being on the bike means that you need to keep your head straight while you are moving swiftly in the traffic and even if there isn’t much traffic on the road you need to stay alert. If you are wearing a helmet you’ve got to bear some extra weight on your head too which makes the whole process more demanding. As you’ve got to constantly keep noticing the traffic around you along with focusing on the road ahead you are strengthening your neck and back muscles in the process. Make sure that you don’t feel any strain in your bike because of the adjustment of the seat otherwise you may have to visit a doctor soon and say goodbye to riding a motorcycle for a while.

Ride a Bike and Get Fit

If you’ve already read the above-mentioned points you would have clearly noticed that riding a bike is quite an exercise involving various body parts. Motorcycle riding health benefits include burning calories and improvement in metabolism if you make a regular part of your life. It is widely known that you can burn at least 200 to 300 calories while riding a bike which is much better for your health than sitting in a car and putting on more weight.


No one can deny the fact that it is fun to ride and to experience the adrenaline rush while you are on your own riding a motorcycle on the road. You can enjoy motorcycle riding health benefits without even trying or following a tough gym schedule. There is nothing to complain about bike ride now and you’ve got all the right reasons to hope on the driving seat and have the experience of your life. Stick to the roads and burn 200 to 300 calories a day as even being on the passenger seat can help you lose 50 calories a day. Let us know about your bike riding experience in the comments below and how it has helped you as a hobby in your daily life.


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