The 7 Things Only Motorcycle Riders Understand

The 7 Things Only Motorcycle Riders Understand

1The Finger Wave

Calmly riding down the avenue and… ¡Boom! A sudden biker just appears! Before you are able to do anything, your subconscious straightens both your index and middle fingers to form a worldwide recognized symbol with your hand that acts as a salute to this stranger riding a motorcycle that just came out of nowhere. Although you might never meet that person again, you make your gesture stand out well, so the fellow biker can see it properly. It’s just the simple fact that another person is riding a motorcycle that creates this brief but strong feeling of fellowship, it’s not something that’s even taught, it’s just a thing that riders do, something that you feel in your heart.

2Lane Splitting Through Traffic

There is something about cruising by and leaving all of those cars behind you when you are lane splitting that the chance of somebody opening the car door thus making us fall to the ground does not even reflect in our mind. It’s just an adrenaline rush, it’s just the acknowledgment of the fact that we might be leaving behind some incompetent card driver.

3Ungodly Acceleration

There’s something special about hitting the throttle and feeling how your forceful two-wheel machine accelerates in such a short amount of time. That feeling of the front wheel slightly hovering from the ground and the back wheel generating unrelatable amounts of power that makes your body feel like it’s just being pushed by some kind of unstoppable force, especially in a world that is full of security measures and restrictions, riding a motorcycle under these terms makes you feel free, special, like somebody or something that is allowed not to adapt to all of the standards that are imposed to the rest of road vehicles, and that’s awesome.

4Tunnel Acceleration

Such an incredible sensation. This is the closest way to experience what a Hollywood badass character does feel when he or she is on the scene. Entering a tunnel starts a transformation, from random motorcycle rider to an action star. Some things like the way the traffic lights blur into the distance of the tunnel, the cold air entering the engine of your bike or the feeling of the motorcycle sound while being in a tunnel that makes of a quick tunnel ride something epic.

5Swamp Ass

The unavoidable. Sweating is part of how our bodies work and we have to keep that in mind, especially when things get closer to our crotch. If we stay sit over a motorcycle for two or three hours, our sit will definitely be exposed to sweat and depending on the person and the climate, it might actually be pouring.

6The Smell of The Environment

Being on a motorcycle definitely feels better than being on a car in this regard. When you ride a motorcycle, it just feels like you are closer to the environment, you can appreciate everything more with your senses, especially smell. It does not matter if you ride through the city or countryside when you are in a car you are just caged away, while on a bike, you can smell and feel nature with no barriers.


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