The Truth About Girlfriends and Motorcycles

The Truth About Girlfriends and Motorcycles

It is easily understandable that is very difficult to enjoy motorcycles while trying to maintain a relationship with a girlfriend.

The problem can manifest in two different ways:

If your girlfriend does not like motorcycles. She will go through different phases in the relationship:

  • Denial: She will assume that the bike is something temporary and it will eventually disappear, while your relationship will stand forever. She will believe that the love you are dedicating towards your two wheel vehicle will end up being hers with some time.
  • Anger: Eventually, in one of the multiple times you will go out with your friends to ride, she will explode in anger asking why you go out so much and what kind of stuff you do when you are not in home, alleging that you don’t spend enough time with her.
  • Bargaining: She will start using strategies and try to compromise you to different schedules and plans regarding your riding. She will also try to convince you that it is not a safe activity and that there are other thing that are worth more your time.
  • Attempted logic: Here come the references to the expenses. She will talk about how unsure your future is if you do not stop spending so much money on your motorcycle.
  • Acceptance: At some point, there are two possibilities: In one case, this girl will accept that you are so much into the motorcycling world that it is not worth all the whining she has going on, so she will replace you for some dude who is easier to manipulate. In other case, she will continue to wear you down by repeating the previous steps until you concede and end up buying the crossover car she has always wanted.

If your girlfriend LOVES motorcycles. With this girlfriend, another series of steps comes in:

  • Excitement: You can’t believe this beautiful girl likes to ride in the back of motorcycles, and it’s even better if she asks for it without you even mentioning it.
  • Repetition: After a good amount of times riding in the back, she will eventually ask to pull up on your bike.
  • More interest: She will start looking for a bike and will probably ask for you help to get one. It is great to have a girlfriend who likes motorcycles, but when she gets into it too much, you might be into a problem. Sharing this hobby might not be the best thing for a couple.
  • Holy shit she rides now too: After some slow speed maneuvers with her in a parking lot, you will end up riding down the road like two birds flocking together. You will notice a lot of bikers could try to hit on her.
  • Track day buddies: You have convinced your girlfriend to go to a track day with you and she loves it. Let me tell you that you are fortunate man and almost nobody in the world can experiment what you are going through.


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