7 Tips for Beginner’s Motorcycle Riders

7 Helpful Tips for Beginner Motorcycle Riders

Getting started on the two wheels lifestyle isn’t easy as it sounds. However with a lot of practice you can overcome all the difficulties you’ll face it.

Check our list of 7 helpful tips for beginner motorcycle riders below:

1. Throttle control

A beginner’s first task is to learn how to use the throttle. It is the key to ride smoothly and confidently. It’s one of the main points that determine if you are riding properly or not. Learning how to grip and apply throttle in the right situations will determine how well you ride. You should grab it like a screwdriver, basically. Nonetheless, the most important thing you can learn is to deal with the ‘’on-off’’ situations. You have to take the time to see how the throttle feels in different moments and with different pressures applied. Moto GP riders have a super light grip. You must try to emulate them to ride confidently. There is a lot to be known regarding throttle control, so I suggest you do deep research.

2. Grabbing the tank with your knees

This will keep your upper body easy and loose to operate your bike without trouble. It’s helpful to think that the tank is going to fly off if you don’t grip it with your knees.

3. Accelerating when you change lanes

If you apply a little extra throttle when you change of lane, it will improve the flow of traffic and it will create extra space in lanes, which is beneficial in terms of safe driving. It is very annoying when somebody is changing lanes at a slightly slower speed than anyone else.

4. Hanging off the bike

This is a controversial topic, but anyway. Practically, in all of the situations, you can think of while riding a bike, hanging off it is a good thing. If you understand how to hang off properly and how your body must be positioned, it will affect positively your riding.

5. Learning how to maintain your own bike

Bikes are kind of delicate. You have to do things very frequently in order for them to function correctly. You must learn to do things like changing the oil, adjusting and lubing the chain, and a lot of other things which if you do not learn how to do and you get other people to do it, the expenses will add up quickly. It is not necessary to learn how to rebuild a bike, just learning how to take care of it will save you a lot of money. Not only that, but it is entertaining.

6. Dragging the rear brake at slow speeds

Whenever you are riding at slow speed, like parking lot maneuvers, you should try this. It might seem counter-intuitive, but doing it will provide extra stability and confidence while doing such movements. One thing you can do is to go out late at night and get familiar with slow-speed maneuvers with your bike.

7. Watching “The Twist Of The Wrist”

This film is the bible of motorcycle riding. You should watch it multiple times because it basically runs over everything you need to know about motorcycles. It covers everything, like lean angles, throttle control, and even technical discussions about tires. Part of it is somewhat cheesy, but it is definitely worth it.


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