8 Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

8 Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Staying safe and driving defensively is part of the routine of those who need to face traffic in order to go to work, enjoy time or simply move from one point to another. So in today’s post we’ve listed eight tips to avoid motorcycle accidents and stay safe in traffic. Check out!

1. Use the proper equipment

You should always be equipped according to the legislation of your country. Your helmet must be the correct size and have reflective strips on it. For the hands, don’t forget the gloves. And for the feet, wear a shoe that closes above the ankles. Jeans or sanity jeans with a jacket finish the clothing for riding a bike safely. It’s even better if you wear a motorcycle suit.

2. Think less speed, think more safety

Excess speed, regardless of the means of transport, puts everyone at risk – you, as well as driers and passengers of other vehicles and also pedestrians.

Prevent accidents by obeying regulated speeds on the roadways you are driving. And, when you’re at the traffic lights, be careful before you leave! Some pedestrians cross running in the last seconds of passing, and this can result in run overs.

3. Always make the turns carefully

To avoid cornering accidents, initially slow down while doing it, and keep it steady while the motorcycle is leaned over.

When you finish the turn, you can gradually increase the speed of the bike. It’s very important to avoid braking while the motorcycle is leaned over.

4. Don’t brake abruptly

Don’t use your motorcycle’s brakes abruptly – this will cause the weight to move to the front, and you’ll lose your balance. Don’t forget to maintain the good condition of the bike’s tires, as well as calibrate them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

5. Pay Attention

Have attention with all the information that can send a signal of a danger! Prevent the hazards and make a decision to avoid them. After that, make your decision.

6. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles

Especially on highways, where speed is higher than city’s common roads, keep a safe distance from vehicles to avoid imbalance and collisions. The safe distance should apply to all directions – front, back and sides.

7. Take extra care at crossroads

No matter if it’s your time, never accelerate at intersections! Always opt to slow down and check if no runaway vehicles are coming towards you. Take into consideration that other drivers may not have attention and it may put you in a dangerous situation.

8. Be very careful with the floor conditions

Irregular and low-tack floors are very dangerous for motorcycles. Avoid any sudden attitude – both the acceleration and the brake. These types of flooring can trigger situations where you’ll skid or lose the traction.

Avoid a motorcycle accident by driving defensively and always pay close attention to the traffic around you as well as to the road and environment.


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