6 Types of Cops That Might Pull You Over

6 Types of Cops That Might Pull You Over

If you are a rider, you are bound to face the enforcers of law sometime. Some of them will be nice, some of them will just be wicked. Here is a list of different characters you might find so you know their behavior and hopefully you are able to avoid a ticket.

1The Newbie

If a 20-something-year-old comes out of the police car, expect the worse. This noob is probably on his first weeks on the police, so he needs to prove himself. His voice will almost sound like a robot, with cold and calculated words and tone, ready to bust you out. A tip for these situations is to see if there is any room for negotiation, but you are most likely receiving a ticket.

2The Old Guy

The kind of cop that is so friendly and nice he seems to be a relative. It’s pretty much impossible for these adorable people to treat you the way the newbie would do. You are probably not receiving a ticket if you luckily run into them. He is like three or two years away for a nice retirement and pension and the last thing he wants is to harm anybody. They will ask for your documentation and will start to reprimand you a little bit (not that you don’t deserve it), and eventually will let you go after some chattering.

3The Lady Cop:

After years of training to proof herself beyond their male peers, she will definitely try her best to make an example of you. You will notice there is no way to escape: no negotiations, no leeway, just direct manners. Unless you can find a sad, relatable story for them. If a Lady Cop pulls you over, you are at great risk of suffering a double citation.

4Mr. Chill

The cop we all would like to have. After so many encounters with rookies and hard-asses, this one will go through the problem in the most reasonable way. He might score some nice jokes and will ask for your license. Unless you have done something very unjustified, he will let you go peacefully without any tickets whatsoever.

5The Fakeout

This is the most dangerous cop you can find. He will pop up and bust some jokes for sure, but his upcoming reaction will be unforeseeable for you. He will pretend to have gone through similar situations or having a similar bike to yours, so in appearance, he is pretty much like Mr. Chill. After checking your documentation, most of the times they will come back with a citation. So, although they look friendly, they most likely play by the rules.

6The Motorcycle Cops

First of all, you should never evade police, it is a felony. If you, by any chance, see a Motorcycle Cop, accept your faith. It is too late to do anything. If you get pulled over by a Motorcycle Cop while riding a bike, there is some kind of sportsmanship going on that could help you on this situation. On the other hand, if you are driving, you will experience the hardest pull over imaginable. 


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