The Dark Side of Valentino Rossi #VR46


Today we’re going to talk about the dark side of Valentino Rossi.

First of all, I want to make it clear that this post was written based on stories by several sports reporters covering the world of super bike and that doesn’t represent in any way my full opinion about the greatest idol of this sport. But for the truth is that it’s not because the doctor is simply a legend in the clues that we must agree with the wrong things he did, and when I say this, the same applies to Marc Márquez, Jorge Lorenzo, Andrea Dovizioso, Andrea Iannone (who in 2016 was the champion in doing bullshit inside the tracks).

In 2015 Marc Márquez has definitely entered the list of enemies that Valentino Rossi has accumulated in his more than 20 yars in the world championship. The atomic ant himself recognised in Malaysia the existence of before and after his relationship with the Italian and in the 2016 season the two barely complimented each other and engaged in further discussions.

“I lost all my respect for him, and I believe that many people think the same” – Marc Márquez after Sepang incident.

The truth is that after that fateful race the two were called in the salon by the direction of race for that famous reprimand.

When the Spanish journalists covering the world-class motorbike asked what exactly the conversation they had with the race director, Marc Márquez refused to repeat Rossi’s insults against him.

Rossi who proclaimed himself the king of psychological warfare, eventually fell into his own trap and dropped the mask of a good boy in the worst and wrong way at that time.

First, facing an experienced and charismatic rider like Marc Márquez and second practically throwing in the trash the excellent season that he still had chances to win the title in 2015.

All the attention was focused on Valencia, in the last race of the season, where Rossi was forced to leave in the last position and didn’t have a good place.

It’s not surprising the ferocity in which Valentino Rossi that accumulated 9 world-wide titles attacked Márquez.

Only the most fanatical fans or newcomers may have forgotten some of Rossis’s past actions that show the dark side of the Doctor’s face.

Max Biaggi

He still endures enmity with Max Biaggi while still running in class 125cc when he publicly mocked Biaggi’s sentimental relationship with the top model Naomi Campbell.

The two disengaged themselves several times, on and off the tracks. Arriving even going to the routs in fact in the podium of Montmeló.

Sete Gibernau

Sete Gibernau, another motorcycle star, has been disenchanted with the races and MotoGP environment because of Valentino Rossi, according to him the Italian plays dirty and uses extreme falsehood to achieve his goals. The relationship between them deteriorated from 2004 onwards in Qatar. Rallied from time to time in the next race also in Sepang, when there was an accident on the track between both. And in the first race of the 2005 season that resulted in Rossi’s fifth consecutive title, he forced Gibernau to the gravel on the last corner of Jerez de la Frontera and there was no penalty for the doctor.

Casey Stoner

Rossi’s talent is also not recognized by Casey Stoner. In Jerez de la Frontera also when he was out of the Ducati and not in a good season, Rossi bumped Casey Stoner’s Honda from behind and took him off the track. That was the only event of the season that stoner did not score. After the race Valentino went to apologize in the Honda box with that smile and heard of stoner the phrase anthology that is registered in the history of Motogp.

“His ambition was greater than his talent” – Casey Stoner

Woman Kick on Paddock

And to make things worse for the doctor, almost at the end of 2016 when he had no more chances to win the title and visibly angry ended up kicking a woman who was in the paddock taking photos in the Yamaha stall.

He could not use the excuse that he couldn’t stop the scooter, because his face expresses exactly what he wanted to do.

However, none of what I wrote above takes away the charisma and talent of this monster from the tracks that is Valentino Rossi. What this guy has done for the sport of two wheels, multiplies for thousands of times all his stumbles.

This in my opinion proves that Rossi and a human being, although many believe that he is not and has come from another planet.