7 Guys You Will Meet in a Motorcycle Dealership

7 Guys You Will Meet in a Motorcycle Dealership

Riding motorcycles is awesome, but buying them is a whole different story. You will find some peculiar characters in motorcycle stores, so here is a list of some of the people you will meet there:

1The old guy that may or may not work there

Just when you are checking a brand new bike addition of the dealership, all shiny and glamorous, some old random dude comes by and starts saying things like ‘’what an awesome bike, eh? I remember back in my days…’’ and you will be there for 15 straight minutes listening to his youth stories. You will not have a clue about if he works there or not, but he will most likely offer donuts to you, so it is not that bad.

2The rude service guy

This is the kind of person that will act harshly due to the simple fact that your bike is not the most functional motorcycle ever. This dude has a chip on his shoulder and he does not even know why he acts the way he does.

3Actual shop owner

Just working in the back and never seen unless you are buying a bike of his shop, the shop owner is the most evasive character of the dealership. He perfectly knows that how good the store runs is how good he runs, so he will ask of his employees the best of the best. This person is a very neutral person, and he will most likely do not talk to you until you are purchasing a motorcycle.

4Shop owner’s wife

Even though it might seem hard to believe, there is a female character inside motorcycle dealerships. It is the shop owner’s wife, who will calmly and nicely talk to you while your new bike is being prepared to be ready. There is also the possibility that she is being too nice to you. Then, you will realize she is another sales agent. She is just trying to sell you stuff.

5Old dude getting his bike serviced

He seems to know everybody in the shop because he has been attending that dealership for years and years. He is the perfect example of a good relationship with the neutral shop owner, mainly due to the fact that he is one of his best customers.

6The sales guy

The sales dude is a must if we talk about motorcycles dealerships. They come in so many kinds it is difficult to talk about all of them. Sometimes it’s the big, beardy dude who is super friendly. Other times it’s the slim, tall dude. Sometimes you will even run into the old, bold guy who only wants to sell quickly and keep going on with his day. No matter which profile you find, the sales guy will just pretend he is your best friend, but all he cares about is about selling that motorcycle to you. Be careful, if you are a ‘’window shopper’’, he will notice and will disappear from your surroundings very quickly.

7The all-knowing tech

Suddenly appearing from the back of the shop, he walks up to you after hours of trying to find what the problem was happening to the bike by yourself, and he solves the problem without any effort whatsoever. He always has the answers to any questions regarding motorcycles you might have. He also knows that most of the problem the bikes present are self-inflicted due to try hard owners who try to mod them without enough knowledge. But he does not tell. He just fixes it.