How to Correctly Wash Your Motorcycle?

How to Correctly Wash Your Motorcycle?

Knowing how to correctly wash your motorcycle is necessary if you want your ride to perform well and you don’t want to spend money on repair after every few days. If you are not using your motorcycle you can keep it covered in a garage and hope that it remains clean but if you are using it regularly it would definitely need cleaning once in a while. You are already willing to spend your time washing your motorcycle so why not do it in a correct manner? You risk corroding your bike if you aren’t willing to spend time cleaning it. You can also have a chance to look at your ride in a detailed manner to know about every tiny problem and solve it before it gets out of your hand and you have to send your ride to a mechanic for fixing it up. Let’s take you to the whole cleaning process stepwise so you can understand in a better way.

Getting Ready

First of all, you need to get mentally prepared for cleaning your motorcycle and fix a time duration of at least 3 to 4 hours to complete the process. You don’t want to hurry through it because it would be just a wastage of your time in this way. Get the supplies ready including the sponges, motorcycle cleaner, brushes, clothes, flannels, chamois, and microfiber. Make sure you’ve got plenty of water available beforehand. Try to choose the top quality products because you would be needing them in the future too. Once you’ve collected all of these supplies and you have ample time at your hand you can proceed to the next step.

Cover the Exhaust Hole

Although you may think that water wouldn’t harm your motorcycle if it gets in the exhaust hole it can definitely create a headache for you. You should cover the exhaust hole either with a rag or you can put a cloth inside the hole to stop any water getting in.

Start Spraying the Motorcycle Cleaner

Before spraying the motorcycle cleaner make sure that you’ve cleaned the motorcycle with a clean cloth to ensure that there isn’t excessive dust present on your ride. If you’ve got mud on your motorcycle you need to clean it with water first before spraying the motorcycle cleaner. Once you’ve started spraying the cleaner try to quickly clean it with a sponge in a way that there is less to none friction involved in the process. The friction can damage the delicate surface of your ride so try to use the sponge as neatly as possible. After spraying the cleaner you still need to rinse it with clean water.

The Core Process

The core cleaning process starts once you are done with rinsing the bike after spraying the cleaner. Try to work from the top of your ride and bring it down from there.  Be extremely sure that you are using the correct cleaning solution for each and every part. Keep an eye on your sponge and whenever it picks some dirt or grease try to wipe it out before continuing the cleaning process. Keep changing the wash bucket after a while. Do not scrub the chain and brakes of your bike as you could harm the coating which lets these parts function in an ideal way.

Rinsing Again

This is the part where you need to be really quick because you don’t want the soap or the solution to dry on your bike. So after leathering your ride quickly rinse the remaining solution with water and try to rinse each and every part of your ride properly. Throw water from every angle in order to eliminate any residue of the cleaning solution or soap left on your bike.

Let It Dry

Once you are done with the rinsing you should let the machine dry. Preferably you should use an air blower to dry your vehicle thoroughly and remove the chances of any leftover water particles still present between any parts. You can use a towel too and try not to take your bike for a ride in order to dry it quickly because that would attract more dust.

Lubing the Chain

You should lube and re-lube the chain because there are chances that it did not get the correct amount of cleaning solution and water. The lubing and re-lubing will ensure that the chain is cleaned properly and it is ready to perform once you switch on the bike.

Finish it Up with Waxing

You have already spent quite a lot of time and put effort into correctly washing your motorcycle so now it is time to finish it off on a high note. You need to wax your motorcycle, in the end, to get it cleaned properly. The wax will levels out and protect any imperfection in the surface. The wax will create a protective coating on your machine and will save various parts from getting corroded easily.


We hope that you have read the article completely till now and noted down the important points regarding how to correctly wash your motorcycle. We would love to interact with you so if you have any further questions you can just put them in the comments and we will get back to you.


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