7 Mistakes You Probably Do That Can Ruin Your Motorcycle

7 Mistakes You Do That Can Ruin Your Motorcycle

The motorcycle is one of the most used transportation vehicles around the world, however, owners do not always take care of it as they should. Some simple mistakes in daily lives of many motorcyclists can hurt them, and usually the problem appears when least expected.

Riding safely and increasing the vehicle’s durability is what every pilot wants. But do you know what common mistakes you probably do to undermine mechanics and ruction?

Stay tuned for some important tips to avoid harming the motorcycle and for your safe daily riding. Check out:

1. Riding with the hand on the clutch

Several motorcyclists have the habit of riding with the hand over the clutch during the entire route. This greatly increases the wear and tear and may cause you to change it earlier than expected. It’s important to know how to use it according to the operation of the engine and leave it free when you don’t need to change gears.

2. Riding with flat tires

Riding with flat tires can be even more damaging to the motorcycle than to cars. When they are flat, they can puncture much more easily. 

In addition, because of holes that may appear on the road, the tire casing can be greatly impaired, making it necessary to acquire a new one because of a simple carelessness. So always calibrate to avoid headaches.

3. Forget to check the oil level

Motorcycle engines are smaller than cars and can deteriorate out faster. It’s very important to always check the oil level (through the dipstick or on the panel itself, on some models). Know that running too long with too little oil can directly affect the operation of your motorcycle.

4. Carry excess weight

Shock absorbers are produced to support a specific weight. This way is not recommended having a lot of luggage on your motorcycle. If you need to carry a very large load make multiple trips and avoid future upheavals and expenses.

5. Forget to check the brakes

It may seems obvious, but many people don’t remember to check the motorcycle’s brakes. Never expect them to show signs of defect to change them. Aside from being dangerous, ignoring the brakes can be costly and detrimental to the bike.

6. Forget to check the spark-plugs

Spark Plugs need to be replaced every 3000 miles, but they’re often overlooked by motorcycle owners. Always keep them fresh and ensure proper engine running.

7. Ignore the chain maintenance

Caution with the chain is important to keep the transmission in good working order – the good maintenance of this part is in keeping it clean and applying a quality lubricant. It’s also important to check for possible slack, especially in case of rear wheel replacement.

The motorcycle manual should state how often it’s necessary to lubricate the chain, however, factors such as weather, constant use and location where the bike is stored can influence the need to change. The tip, in this case, is: always stop and observe each detail carefully.

These are some examples of day-to-day mistakes that can hurt the bike. It’s always important to keep your motorcycle up to date and to get qualified mechanics to keep it in order.

Share in the comments if you have any other tips to be added!


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